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  Tango holidays & vacation in Zagreb and Croatia 

Stay in Zagreb or anywhere in Croatia with special programs for workout/exercise and dancing tango argentino

Do you want to complete your time to stay in Zagreb or anywhere in Croatia with special programs for workout/ exercise and dancing tango argentino with specially created events for you?  Zagreb in regular offer. Other cities on request.

The length of your stay doesn't matter. Every moment counts. 

Regular models on offer are

  • corrective exercise and workout, STRETCH - TANGO  
  • workout and dance PokreTTango based on tango argentino movements  
  • Tango argentino for individuals, couples and groups. Group or private/individual Tango Argentino lessons.  
  • practica  
  • Milonga 



Innovation program by Jelena Somogyi of corrective exercise, Stretch – tango helps to correct the consequences resulting from the wrong burden on our body (injury, poor muscle functionality and ignorance/not awareness of everyday movements). Increase joint mobility and muscle elasticity while reducing the wrong tension in the muscles. It raises awareness of muscular coordination. It restores the body's freedom. In addition to creating a better connection between mental and physical communication with oneself and the environment. The harmony of the awareness of the presence of our physical and mental being comes with a set of exercise assembly (motion optimization, anatomy of movement and …). 


PokreTTango is an innovative program for exercising and dancing based on Tango Argentino designed by Jelena Somogyi. With which you will improve basic strength and stretchiness, and your physical and mental motor skills with movements, music, culture and art of Argentine tango. It represents the unisex technique and dance expression of the Argentine tango movement as dance. 

It is based on awareness of the position of the body and performance of movement and their proper use as well as possibilities (style, expression, technique) to make dancing and everyday life easier and more fulfilling with the development of muscle groups. It enriches dance and makes it more expressive with a more fluid performance of Tango Argentino elements. Preventing injuries due to irregular movements and not the flow of energy should be important no matter how much fun we want to have.    


Práctica is informal event were Argentine tango dancers are focused on practicing the dance. 


Milonga is an event were Argentine tango dancers are socializing. Milonga also means musical expression, dance expression, a place where tango argentino dancers gather and name for the event where tango argentino is danced. 


Possibilities regular offer

You can join existing group terms either as individuals or as a group.   Group appointments can be organized exclusively for your group in your terms, minimum of 3 or 4 people. Private/individual classes are in your time as well you choose dynamics and programs. 

 Practica -The organization of practica is possible for a couple, smaller groups, larger groups and an open type (open to all).  

Milonga  - The organization of milonga is possible for a couple, smaller groups, larger groups and an open type (open to all). Food, drinks and special effects with additional content (live music...) are additionally arranged (Retro - the oldest venue for regular milongas , Open air, Elegant  and Deluxe).  Joining existing group terms per person from 50HRK/6.67 EUR to 240HRK/32.03 EUR. We organize group lessons exclusively for your group in your on-request price times.  Price of private tutoring for one person or couple from 250/33.37 EUR to 1000HRK/133.47 EUR. We organization of practica and milonga just for you price on request.  

Do you have your own idea that you want to realize with us? Concat us. 

Registration or more info:  on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +385 98 950 2738 (WhatsApp), or via the contact form on the website.